Writer. Novelist. Game Designer.You can call me Makapatag or Waks, good with He/They pronouns. I'm a Filipino living in the Philippines writing games about the underappreciated folklore, myth, and precolonial cultures of the Philippines, as well as violent colonial angst. I also like big robots, tactical RPGs, and non-western fantasy settings.I write speculative fiction novels and tabletop games both Filipino and English, drawing upon Filipino Folklore, Legends, Culture, History, and Myth. My favorite Fantasy authors are Guy Gavriel Kay, Nahoko Uehashi, and Ramon Muzones.I make all my money from my games. If you want to support me, you can pledge on my Patreon to get early draft access for everything I write, alongside some other special perks.I made Karanduun, Maharlika RPG, Gubat Banwa, and helped write and research The Islands of Sina Una, a prehispanic Filipino RPG for D&D Fifth Edition.Follow me on the following sites, and if you want early access of my games and writing, consider subscribing to my Patreon!Scroll down to find out what I have up for sale, and what I write! All of them are part of a Session Zero sale!Find me on Twitter as @makapatag and on


NEW RELEASE, find it on Itch!Gubat-Banwa is a tactical combat and war drama roleplaying game set in a heroic fantasy setting inspired by Late Porcelain Period Philippines.You play as Manggugubat, warrior-braves that hail from the warrior social caste, who enjoy prestige and regard oftentimes higher than their noble counterparts. As Manggugubat, you must define why you fight in this land of perpetual battle.As a tactical combat roleplaying game, you should expect deep and rewarding combat encounters that focus on neat tricks, battlefield effects, and grid combat in the same vein as Final Fantasy Tactics, Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together, and Fire Emblem.As a war-drama roleplaying game, expect an emphasis on relationships with other warriors, with your loved one, and intense interpolity politics with the other polities. Gubat Banwa expects you to play into these melodramas: sons having to kill their fathers for defecting to an enemy polity, daughters having to flee to the mountains to escape misogynistic responsibilities, loved ones killing each other slowly due to orders and/or emotions, best friends dueling at the top of a mountain in the midst of a storm as their ideologies bring them to a head.

In a fantasy archipelago inspired by Precolonial Philippines and Southeast Asia, a veiled maiden is sent to a neighboring burgeoning empire as bride gift in an attempt to create allegiances between two powerful polities. A supposedly eventless situation gets out of hand as the maiden awakens to her demon heritage, and for the first time experiences the suffering of commonfolk. She, with the help of her faithful royal guardian, hunted down by 180 handpicked warriors of the Ashen Stargod, are given a single mandate by a powerful demoness.The hero must die.PRINCESS MURDERS THE HERO is a free web serial inspired by Philippine Folk Epics and wuxia, featuring larger than life mortals that must prove their conviction, slick fight scenes, complicated relationships, and a violent world inspired by Precolonial Philippine culture and religion. If you liked Raya and the Last Dragon, The Raid, RF Kuang’s The Poppy War or Kill Six Billion Demons, you’ll probably enjoy this.Princess Murders The Hero (Tag: Pinapatay ng Binukot ang Bayani; Bis: Gipatay sa Binukot ang Bayani), is a web novel set in the archipelago of The Sword Isles, a fantasy setting inspired by Classical Philippines.This is a bayani genre web serial, inspired by Filipino folk epics and martial art heroes.This is a content warning for the following: slavery, murder, genocide, classism, family death, violence.CHECK IT OUT HERE

Stars Without Brightness

War erupts, and the Archipelago boils. In the midst of it all is a group of young warriors whose destinies have been inextricably intertwined.
When young warrior Nami offers to help Bitoon in the final step of their training as a spirit medium, they must survive a forest that harbors something more dangerous than steel and sorcery: the sins of their fathers.When the Insane Child Patak is accused of killing the one that took care of him, the peerless swordsman Pak-an Gabii and the last survivor of the Butchering of Datu Warayrito's village, Inday, are told to hunt him down to finish the job. Soon they will find themselves in doubt of their orders, and of their lives.STARS WITHOUT BRIGHTNESS is a Fantasy novel set in a setting inspired by Late Porcelain Period Philippines mired in war, and follows a skilled spirit medium, a hotheaded warrior, a rebellious prince, a princess turned flesh-eater, a revived swordsman, and a passionate monster in their quest to fulfill orders and duty, facing the truth of war and violence.This novel is the first book in the HEAVEN MOVES WITHOUT YOU Fantasy series.Find it on or Gumroad.
If you're in the PH, please do shoot me an email at [email protected] so that we can transact through Gcash!
Note: There are no physical copies yet unfortunately! Thank you!

MAHARLIKA IS ON KICKSTARTER ALONGSIDE CAPITALITES AND NAVATHEM'S END! Check out Our Shores!Maharlika is a technomystic Science Fantasy mecha RPG inspired by Filipino Mythology, centered around Mekanized Weapons or Meka, and their pilots: the eponymous Maharlika.You will play as these titular spirit-warriors, mavericks, aces, and knights that all swear loyalty to a Datu, one of the CEOs of the Megacorporations, so that you can protect the technospiritual galaxy of Arkipelago. Sometimes, you’re the archetypical noble Maharlika, sworn follower of your Datu and kneeling before their feet. Other times, you’re just an exceptionally skilled person trying to make ends meet, and ‘loyalty’ is just another word for “whatever makes the most money.” You are a free person after all.Check it out on!

Karanduun is a modern Filipino Epic RPG about worthless heroes dismantling God, whatever cycle of oppression that must be. Inspired by modern Filipino folklore and culture. You play as young heroes who must make their legend known and become a legendary Karanduun by making God (whichever oppressive system and tyrant that is) bleed.Karanduun are those that are as fast as the lightning and as strong as the hurricane.
Karanduun are those that, with a single command, fell entire armies and break the hearts of gods. But God is dead, and the Holy Trinity has killed Them. The Multiverse spirals into Kawalan, oblivion and entropy, due to the Hatred brought about by the forces of the Holy Trinity. Yes, there is no hope for this doomed world, but in its dying breath, the wake of the Karanduun, it might have been glorious.
Will you be remembered? You, lowly hero, of no name and consequence, so insignificant that not even Tadhana, destiny, has you etched upon its web, must rise and achieve that legendary sobriquet: Karanduun.Check it out here!

Sitan Hunters: Cathedral

SITAN HUNTERS - CATHEDRAL is the first in a series of scenarios for Karanduun, the Filipino Epic RPG. This scenario will have everything you need to kickstart your Karanduun Campaign of stylish rebellion and action horror, or you can insert into your own ongoing campaigns and even run it in other system.Find the game on!

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